Wow shoulder release

Wow! This shoulder release actually works!

Frame Over Throat Shoulder Release

  • Draw your knees into semi-supine (knees bent, feet flat on tWow shoulder releasehe floor, hips width apart). Catch hold of your elbows to make a frame over the chest. Without moving your head, take your elbows side to side – notice how this feels. Do that a few times more. Feel the strong stretch into the opposite shoulder, as you pull the shoulders one way, then the other way.
  • Then let your head turn with the elbows – per
    haps, you feel like the elbows go a bit further when the head becomes involved. If you have no shoulder injuries, you can pull your elbows as you are taking them to one side – stretching into the joints.
  • Now take your head in the opposite direction to Wow shoulder releasethe elbows. Remember to breathe – perhaps, breathing in through the centre and breathing out to the sides…
  • Start taking your knees in the opposite direction to where the head and the elbows are going and continue side to side like that……
  • Then take your head and knees together one way and elbows the opposite way….
  • Bring everything back to centre. Leave the knees in the centre and take the head and elbows to the right. Then slide the elbows, keeping them as close to the floor as possible, up over thwow shoulder releasee head, down to the left and over the tummy – make a big circle with the elbows, allowing your eyes to follow your elbows. Or, if you have no neck problems, then as the elbows come round to the left, the chin could tuck in and the head rolls up as the elbows move over the tummy…. Change directions…. Find a way to breathe with the movement.
  • Take the elbows from side to side….. Feel any different or can they go a bit further?