Threading the needle shoulder release

A lot of shoulder, neck and back problems are due to poor posture, lack of exercise, poor muscle tone, as well as lack of awareness when performing day to day activities. The following movement work on releasing the tension around neck, shoulders and upper back, as well as opening up the breathing. The best results are achieved when the movements are coordinated with the breathing.

How to practice:

  • Come onto all fours with your hands underneath the shoulders and knees underneath your hips. Have the hands closer together, knees wide apart. As you breathe in, float your left arm up to the side.

 upper back and shoulder release

  •  As you breathe out, bring the arm down, turn the palm upward and slide the left arm behind the right hand, keeping the left arm and the right hand in contact with each other (think of this as ‘threading the needle’ where thread and needle are close to each other). Continue going up and down following your breath……

 Threading needle2

  • Start to extend the movement further. As you float the arm up, take it higher up towards the ceiling, but go gradually. If your neck is fine, follow the movement of the arm with your nose…..

 Threading needle3

  • Each time as you bring the arm down and slide it on the floor, press with the back of the hand into the floor to open the shoulder blade up. Aim to eventually bring your shoulder on the floor and, perhaps, stay in that position for a few seconds breathing…

 Threading needle4

  • Swap sides.