From raised vajrasana (kneeling) arms out to the sides

Open up your heart

In some yogic traditions, it is said that by opening the heart centre, all other chakras open. It is at the heart that we begin to experience unconditional love and compassion. On a physical level, the heart centre relates to the upper and mid back. The nervous system connects through the physical heart at T4 and T5 vertebrae. This is in between the shoulder blades where a bra strap would be or where your fingers meet when you reach round behind you.

The following sequence helps to open the heart – both physical and emotional. Please note, that some people might experience an emotional release within 2-3 hours after performing the sequence (if done intensly or for the first time). That could be laughing or crying.

Alternate between child pose and flower opening

On all fours, buttocks towards heels, face down on the mat

  • From the child pose (Balasana), as you inhale, look up and come to raised Vajrasana (kneeling), lifting your arms up towards the ceiling and slightly to the sides, opening the chest.


  • Exhale, tuck your chin in, bring the shoulders forward into slouch, back to child pose again. Do this a few times – alternating between raised vajrasana and child pose, coordinating movement with the breath. When you come up to raised vajarasan, look up towards the ceiling and bend the spine backwards (take this as far as you feel comfortable).


Other movements and poses that work on opening the heart are Cobra, Cat and Cow.