Our promise to you

We are good at what we do and guarantee that you will notice the difference in your body after your very first class!

about Yogahealth

    About Us

    Yogahealth has been established over 30 years ago. We specialize in helping people to find relief from the aches and pains of everyday living, such as lower back, sciatic, neck, shoulders, upper back pain. We help people to reverse the ageing process, to discover more energy and less stress, to improve flexibility, strength and balance. All this and much more without strain and sweating!

    • How does Yogahealth work?

      We teach what may be the most gentle but effective yoga yet developed. We teach students to use the mind to release tension in the body, that is why anyone can do it – even people with injuries. Yogahealth works with all the body systems – respiratory, immune, cardiovascular, and brings them together through the central nervous system without having to strain the body in any way.

    • We are big!

      We have trained over 150 teachers across Australia over the last 20 years and a lot of them are now teaching their own classes, incorporating Yogahealth style. 

    • YogaHealth is joy!

      What we do at YogaHealth is a joy – joy for the instructor, joy for the students.

      In our yoga we offer no philosophy, no dogma.

      We offer an opportunity to simply be present.

      And it is our great privilege to touch in the most respectful ways so many humans and help them to play, to relax, to let go.