Quotes from Yogahealth classes and meditations to inspire and guide you on your yoga journey.


We tend to forget how miraculous our everyday life is. Even in the regular processes of life, such as breathing, transformation is happening. Nutrients turn into energy. Energy turns into waste. Waste becomes nutrients for the life of another. Transformation is always happening. Every time you breathe, follow your breath. Oxygen is inhaled, moves through your entire body. Every one of your fifty trillion cells breathes in, is cleansed and fed. Then we breathe out. Transformation is awlays happening. Breath released by us becomes fresh air for plants to breathe. Transformation is always happening. Life is miraculous. The processes of life are always in a state of perpetual transformation.

Home is breath

Breath is your home

Your breath is your home. It is always available, always there for you. You can always come back to your home by returning to your breath over and over again. Breathe… and know that you are safe, you are protected. Breathe and know that you are at home. Breathe, breathe, breathe.

Know that you are breathing all the time. Do it consciously – be aware of each in breath and each out breath. Home is breath

Metta meditation

Loving kindness

Metta is a basic Tibetan practice of cultivating loving kindness (sending wishes of well-being) towards oneself and others. 

Focus your awareness on breathing into the heart for a few moments….

Bring into your heart a picture or image of someone that you care for, a loved one. And holding this person in your heart, start to direct toward them care for their well-being.

Bringing each breath up into the centre of the chest silently say, “May you be healthy and happy” and with each out breath, “May you be at peace”. Silently repeat these words of caring and kindness that allow healing to take place……

Then focus on the contact you have with that loved one, how you hold them in your mind, in your heart, and just for a few moments direct this same caring toward yourself – as if you were your only child. With each in breath, “May I too, be healthy and happy” and each out breath, “May I experience peace”………

Micro Cosmic Orbit meditation

Microcosmic orbit breathing meditation

Begin by using ujjayi pranayam – breathing in such a way that you can hear the breath as it passes through the throat, constricting the glottis at the back of the throat (or you could make sound haaaaa with your mouth closed), making a very subtle rasping sound with the breath…

Imagine that you have a ball at the tail bone. As you breathe in,  imagine the ball rising from the tail bone to the top of the head, and then breathe out and imagine the ball rolling down the front of the body. You could either visualize the ball rising from the tail bone up the spine to the top of the head and rolling down the front of the body back to the tail bone; or  you maybe you get just a general sense of breathing in up the back and breathing out down the front of the body. Breathing in such a way that the breath is orbiting your body – going up the back and then down the front.

Hum Sa breathing meditation

Hum Sa

There are all sorts of yogic exercises to connect mind and body together, to bring them into union. So, close your eyes and tune into your breath. As you breathe in, think a long “in” and as you breathe out think a long “out”……..

In India the yogis say that the natural sound for the in breath is “Hum” and “Sa” for the out breath. So use that now –  thinking or mentally repeating “hum” on the in breath  and “sa” on the out breath, making “hum” last for the whole of the in breath  and “sa” last for the whole of the out breath. “Hum… sa”…………………. “Hum… sa”………………………… And you will find that your mind will wander away, and that is natural and normal, so just notice that and simply bring it back to breathing in “hum”, breathing out “sa”.