Locust pose to strengthen your back



Practicing Locust pose is one of the quickest ways to strengthen the lower back muscles.

How to practice:

    • Lie on your tummy. Have the arms beside you and hands tucked underneath your hips or thighs for support. Explore a bit and find a comfortable position for your hands – maybe making your hands into fists and placing them somewhere in between your pubic bone and iliac crests (hip bones), i.e underneath the lower abdomen. Or perhaps, move the hands down towards your thighs. But can you find a place for the hands that supports you and start lifting one leg a little off the floor and then the other leg.
    • Full version: Lift both legs, both arms off the floor, lift the head, keeping the chin tucked in and hold with Breath of Fire for a few seconds (panting like breathing, which you perform through the mouth, focusing on exhalation).

Locust pose strengthens and increases flexibility throughout the entire back of the body, including the spine, legs, buttocks, and all of the muscles surrounding ribs and upper torso. Practicing Locust builds up the muscles in your lower back, which helps to support your spine. By lifting the front of your body, you also stretch through the chest, which helps to open the lungs and improves breathing.

pregnancy and back injuries.





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