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What a wonderful experience. As a 50+ woman in not such great shape I was pleasantly relieved to find my first ever Yoga class was enough to turn me into a convert. Myself and 3 friends have been going to Julie’s class and all 4 of us love it. We are all different ages, shapes and sizes and all get a lot out of it. For me it’s a surprisingly good workout and yet I am left relaxed and stress free. I don’t need to go to the Chiro as much and I am definitely more flexible and stronger than when I first went a few months ago, and that’s just with one session a week. The floor is almost completely covered in a thick rubber matting and the lights are turned down for a lovely soothing experience. Recommended.

ShoppyMaida Vale class
Having done yoga with Yogahealth for 10 years in Darlington and it transformed me and supported me through a very difficult time in my life. Shambo and Uma are an amazing team of yoga healers and are dedicated to Yogahealth as their divine life purpose. I strongley recommend this type of yoga as a life time study and commitment and that Yogaheatlh makes yoga easy pleasurable and fun. Being a chiropractor myself Yogahealth compliments healing professions such as chiropracitc, physio, ayervedic and chinese medicine and hypnotherpay and homeopathy, bowen and massage – the list goes on and on.

Julie Russell Clark Darlington class
I attended Shambo’s Darlington class for a delightful 13 odd years. Also a 50 + woman it was a delight to have a laugh and feel calm, relaxed and delightfully stretched. It was the one night of the week that I slept like a babe without a care in the world. How I looked forward to Wednesdays and how I miss them. EVERYONE should attend at least one class a week.

LeighDarlington class

I attend the Tuesday class in Willetton with Anna and I absolutely love going. As a beginner it’s easy to follow poses and stretches I have never done before. She explains everything in a simple way so we would never feel uncomfortable or out of place.

Gabriela BianchiniWilletton class

I thank Yogahealth for helping me to overcome a frenetic lifestyle. I now know how to relax, and I am more mindful about what & how I do things. I am also more mindful about what is happening inside of me and the world around me. I think it is learning to find a little inner peace.

Nola Dunnett Maida Vale class
Following a major lower-back operation at age 42 I took up YogaHealth. Not only did I stage a remarkable comeback but now I have the flexibility that I once enjoyed as a 20 year old, and I have resumed a very active lifestyle of jogging, abseiling and mountain biking.
 All of this plus regular de-stressing from only one class per week of YogaHealth.
Dr. Peter Taylor Associate Professor, Science Education, Curtin University.
I do yoga especially when I have been in the garden for some time. Great for releasing those tired overworked muscles, works a treat.

Doreen RobsonWilletton class

I have returned to yoga this year with Anna at willetton. I am 72 and no longer have hip pain,and i can walk up steps again thank you so much.

Brenda SturrockWilletton class

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